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FitClub is a cross-training program that combines facets of:


strength training

(Strength Factor)


physique training




varieties of high intensity interval training

(Fit N Furious)


 These workouts are in structured, well rounded formats to keep you constantly advancing forward so that you can truly become better than yesterday!


We use a variety of implements such as kettlebells, rowers, skiers, bands, bungies, sleds, med balls, ropes, boxes, bikes, barbells, dumbells, cables, and more.


All of our workouts feature program deviations for both BEGINNER DEVELOPMENT and ADVANCED PROGRESSION, as well as restrictions you may have with injury or mobility. This allows the highest level competitive athlete to develop along side the most recent novice.


FitClub's 3 Prong Signature Training Sequence  

The daily workouts will rotate each day by type.  The format for each type of workout will change frequently though, so you'll never be bored and you'll keep your body guessing.


Strength Factor is about building all around strength.  This is the #1 thing missing from other programs.  You can't get stronger with 8 pound dumbells.  Plus, its pretty common knowledge that If you want to become a better human, you need to get stronger. :)


Why is strength training important?

  • Strength training helps keep the weight off for good. ...

  • Strength training protects bone health and muscle mass. ...

  • Strength training makes you stronger and fitter. ...

  • Strength training helps you develop better body mechanics. ...

  • Strength training plays a role in disease prevention...

  • Strength training boosts energy levels and improves your mood.

  • Strength training translates to more calories burned.


FitZique takes a more traditional approach to building a physique that you're proud of. More emphasis is put on isolation movements so that you can really feel the burn and sculpt your legs, arms, shoulders, back, and chest.

Fit N Furious

Fit N Furious is a rigorous boot camp style workout with a focus on different types of cardio, burning fat and toning.  The format always changes, so you won't be bored from the 20 on 10 off repetitive intervals that so many other programs un-creatively program.  

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At FitClub, wherever you fall on the ability spectrum, you can expect a community comprising every age, shape, and ability united towards the common goal of self-improvement.

We take pride in being a community where everyone is in it together, no one thinking they are better than the person next to them.

Everything is scaled and applied to you in the way that best helps you reach your goals safely.