This is Anthony Gugliotta, owner of Roswell FitClub. 


Roswell FitClub wants to help local small businesses and help out those looking to keep fitness in their life during all of the closures we are dealing with.

Yes, we are one of the small businesses who are hit by everything that is going on, but we have been around for a long time and literally have the most incredible and supportive community imaginable.

This is no exaggeration.

​So here is what I am doing.

I have gone fully online with all of our wonderful ​members and will be making sure everyone has all of the resources to get in some amazing at-home workouts as well as the accountability, support and knowledge that I have behind them everyday!

I am ​going to opening up this online program to the public. 


It's called The 28 Day STRONGER Community, Stronger You Lockdown 2020 Challenge. 


It's an At-Home Fitness, Nutrition, Motivation, And Healthy Habits challenge.

 We will officially start on Monday March 23rd.



Here is the official link to sign up: www.​strongeryouchallenge.square.site. 

I 100% understand that everyone is being affected differently by what’s going on, so for anyone joining us for the first time, the program will be by donation only, with a minimum of $10.

100% of the money coming in from this will be used to support local businesses and beyond.


I will be using the money to purchase gift cards from these local business which I will then turn around and give back to the folks in the challenge​.  It's a win-win!   If you are not local, that's ok too.  You can still do it because it is virtual!  


To be eligible for the gift card, you simply need to participate in the 28 day challenge.  


I will track participation by daily check-ins.  

Any donation amount of $10 or greater gets you in.


What do I get as part of the ​28 Day Challenge?


  • ​Daily Lessons.

  • ​Daily Accountability Check-ins – I know you may be trapped at home, with or without little humans, you might need somebody holding you accountable from eating yourself crazy and bingeing on Disney+ Netflix or Amazon Prime.

  • ​Home Gym, Dumbbell, And Bodyweight workouts — you read that right, even if you don't have ANY equipment you can do this.  If you do have a pair of dumbbells or minimal equipment then Wahoo!!

How will I workout?

A: You will always have the option to do any workout that you would like to do, but I will also give you access to my workout programming, which will have 3 options for you.  


Option 1 - Full Gym - if you have access to a complete gym or an at home version of a complete gym, this will be for you. Everything that can be done with barbells can be done with dumbbells. Any cardio pieces can be replaced with whatever you have. If you don't have a bike, rower, skier, or treadmill, you can jump rope, run outside or in place, do seal or jumping jacks, etc.

Option 2 - At Home Dumbbell Only - If the only thing that you have is a pair of dumbbells or 2, this will be for you. A jump rope will be in some of these workouts, but not necessary as it can be subbed out easily. You may be thinking that 1 set of DB's won't be enough for some things, but I'll show you how you can make those 20 lbs db's feel like twice the weight for some exercises when you need to.

Option 3 - At Home Body Weight - If you don't have any exercise equipment, this will be for you. A set of resistance bands though will make it even better.



I will give you access to my training app, where you will be able to pick your workout option.  The workouts will have a description of the workout as well as demos of all of the exercises.  

Q: Do I need to purchase anything besides give the donation? 

A: You don't have to purchase anything, but if you want to add some variety or take your workouts up a notch, you can.  Here are some links to purchase dumbbells, jump ropes, bands, hip circles, plyo boxes (this is a good one - 3 sizes in 1),  bench, exercise ball, etc.


Q: What will I eat during this time?

How will I ensure I'm getting the right foods?

A: In each weeks section you will have a nutrition guide and shopping list download based off of your starting bodyweight.  It's a color coded guide that will give you the correct portions for you.   You can use this guide and shopping lists or I'll have an option for a DFY meal service if you hate to cook.

Please share this to everyone you can​ so that we can all contribute to helping each other out in our community and beyond.   

Thank you so much!   These are stressful times, but we will come out STONGER!

Coach Anthony

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