Over the next four weeks we are going to help you move and feel better with a daily flexibility routine. 

You probably know that you should stretch every day but how has that been going for you?? The daily exercises we have in this program are not complex. In fact a lot of them are very basic. Don't let that fool you!

The key to increasing your flexibility is CONSISTENCY!


If you do this routine every single day I guarantee you will notice a difference at the end of the 28 days.

Also, you can do these exercises anytime throughout the day-whenever is most convenient for you. At the start of your day, end of your day or before/after your workout are all great times to complete your programs.
Make sure you have a foam roller, a tennis ball (or any other soft tissue ball) and plenty of room.
You’ll have 4 programs throughout the 28 days. Our calendar is as follows:
Weeks 1 & 2: Alternate A & B Programs
A Program (Lower Body)
B Program (Upper Body)
Weeks 3 & 4: Alternate C & D Programs
C Program (Lower Body)
D Program (Upper Body)
Each program consists of 2 foam roll exercises, 2 tennis ball exercises, and 2 stretches. You might be curious as to why there are so many foam rolling and tennis ball exercises on a flexibility program.
Shouldn’t we just stretch to get more flexible?
Yes, we should definitely stretch. BUT, we should also incorporate some soft tissue work to get flexible faster!
Soft tissue work (foam rolling, tennis ball exercises, massage, etc) helps to release tension in our fascia, muscles and connective tissues. These layers all work together to help us move easily and move well. A tennis ball can reach a knot in the glutes that’s keeping us from stretching further. If we do these together, we’ll be much more successful!


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